A moment of peace

This little bee is special.

It is based on a picture I made myself, picture hunting the creatures in my garden.

It's made only with glazes. Layer after layer after layer of transparent colours, making it so soft and the colours so rich. That is one of the reasons why it took me almost a month to make, even though it's so small. The other reason is that there was no compulsion to finish it. Usually when I start a painting there is this urge to finish it. Even when I don't really feel like painting, there is this need to have it done. But not here. There was no rush, no pressure, no need for perfection. This painting just wanted to... you know... bee. A joy to make and I think that shows!

The making of: https://youtu.be/MiF6pvJuICg

Acrylic on canvas
30cm x 24cm (11.8" x 9.4")
Finished with a satin varnish.

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