SALE! + Monthly newsletter - August 2019


Let's kick off with some good news: I'm having a site wide sale for the entire month of August! At the end of th emonth it is my birthday, so I want to celebrate that with you by giving a 15% discount on everything. Yay!


And back to the regular news :)

Last month I enden with the note that I expected July to be quiet. That did not happen, but in a good way! Together with Resi van Zijl from ViZi keramiek I decided to participate in another art event: Kunstpark Woerden on September 8. And just the idea alone made my brain burst with new ideas!

I already noticed last event that small items like postcards sell pretty well. That meant I had to have more postcards made, get some proper presentation materials, and I also wanted to have some smaller items for sale. So I got a big thick sheet of plywood and had it cut into 15cm x 15cm squares. These squares are now in the process of becoming the cutest little paintings. It takes some time, there is a lot of sanding and priming involved, but I love it. The whole process relaxes me and I love working on wood!

These small paintings will make their debut at Kunstpark Woerden, so they will not be in the shop until after that. I do give some sneak peeks on social media ( /, so you know what is coming! (Unless they are all sold out, which would be amazing! In that case I will make more for the shop, so don't worry :))

But there was a small shop update, with a bright poison dart frog pastel and ofcourse all the new postcards.


Coming up is more small paintings!

That's it for this month!

=x= Noortje


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