The gathering

I always loved ladybugs. They look so cute, wth their shiny shields and fun dots. But they are ferocious predators. A contrast I can't help but love. As a kid I believed they brought good luck and still, so many years later, they brighten my day every time I see one.

They come together every Tuesday. Over the years they tried other days. But the rest of the week they are busy with important ladybug business and everybody hates Mondays. So Tuesday it is.There were more of them, these little blue friends, but Bart got lost when he fell asleep behind the windshield wiper of a car and woke up in uncharted territory, and Lilly got snatched by a sparrow just last weekend.

They gossip about the boring lives of the mundane red bugs. They discuss current affairs (that delicious infestation of lice on the third rose on the left) and their health (really Sally, no one wants to know about that).

And they don't realise it, but when they are together, with all their arguing and gossiping and laughing out loud, they make magic. Just a tiny bubble, bright and blue, invisible to anyone on the inside, but a shining light for everyone else.

This little circle of friends... this is where the magic happens.

Acrylic on canvas
80cm x 60cm (31.5" x 23.6")
Finished with a satin varnish.

Pricing: €349 + shipping costs.

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