Fist to the face

A while back I needed to write an artist profile and I had no inspiration. So, as you do nowadays, I looked online at other artists for inspiration. The profiles I saw talked about “subtle use of shape”, “gentle colours”, “calmness” and “deep understanding”. I had just finished a couple of big, bold abstracts, and they stood next to a bloody heart and a ripped out eye ball, so all that subtlety and gentleness made me feel a bit weird. So in a fit of rebellion I wrote this artist profile. I will probably never use it for real, but I had so much fun with it that I named the next painting I did in it’s honour!

Some paintings slowly lure you in, fascinated by their subtle shapes and elegance.
Mine are not like that.
They are like a fist to the face, leaving you dazed and slightly confused, wondering: “What the hell just happened?”

A complicated play of lines and shadows, creating an illusion of depth. The contrast between the matte wood and the shining paint -especially combined with the gold- makes it an extraoirdinary piece!

Acrylic on plywood
50cm x 40cm (19.7" x 15.7")
Finished with a glossy varnish.


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